E-commerce is easier with Sender

Sender provide services of storage, packaging and delivery of your goods to end customers. We will take over the logistics processes of the online shop, which will allow you to focus on the development of your business.

Fulfillment is a new way for building online store logistics:

Fulfillment process Fulfillment process

Detailed description of the work process

Fulfillment management

Online CRM system Sender

Detailed sales analytics

Orders management

Accounting for all financial expenses and incomes

Inventory management

Adding orders manually or through integration with the your online store

Using the system is absolutely free. You pay only for shipments according to tariffs.

Fulfillment management system


Personal account provides integration with services for automatic transfer of orders, tracking packages, sending SMS to recipients, etc.

Nova poshta
Prom UA
Turbo SMS
Мій Дроп

We provide documentation of API integration with your personal account. Also, our developers can quickly integrate with your online store or CRM system.

Advantages of our services

Low and transparent prices

Low and transparent prices

Our rates are lower than the market average due to the automated process and scaling of our service.
You pay only one obligatory payment - an order processing fee. "Prices"
Automated system

Automated system

We provide access to the fulfillment management system, where you can management all your orders, goods, finances, etc.
You can track every process of our work. The probability of error due to the automation of all processes is minimal.
Various shipping options

Various shipping options

We deliver your orders to customers by post operators: Nova Poshta, UkrPoshta, Intime, Mistexpress, Delivery, Justin.
Customers can pick up orders themselves in our warehouse, and we also deliver parcels by couriers in Kiev.
Individual support

Individual support

After the start of work, a personal manager is assigned to you, who will answer you any question and help solve any problem.
Manager contacts are always available in your personal account

Main questions and answers

To get started, simply register on the site. You will have access to your personal account, where all the necessary information will be. Also on the main page will be placed the contacts of a personal manager who will advise on all issues

We have a Public Agreement that comes into force after registration on the site. You can familiarize yourself with it here.
If you need to conclude an agreement in paper form - inform your personal manager about it, we will do it without any problems. We work with both legal entities and private persons.

You can send a delivery with your goods in several ways: by postal operators, bring them to the warehouse yourself, or we can pick up your goods from Kiev. Addresses for sending can be seen in your account.

You can transfer orders in several ways: manually in your personal account or through integration with your online store or CRM system. You can enable integration in the settings in your account. If you did not find your system in the list of integrations, inform your personal manager about it, our developers will do it in a short time.

1. Simplicity and convenience. We are convinced that we have the simplest and most convenient service. All information is displayed in your account. No additional steps are required to get started, just register on the site and send the first delivery to us. A personal manager will consult on all issues.
2. Prices. We do not have any hidden extras. The only obligatory payment is the order processing fee. Our rates are below average on the market.
3. Individual approach. A personal manager will accompany you throughout the work, we also take into account the individual wishes of all customers when sending, picking orders or in other aspects of the work.


Business is scaled at times more easily with Fulfillment.

  • Automation of the processes of receiving and delivering goods
  • The accounting system in your personal cabinet
  • Personal manager and easy access to reporting
  • Missing the need for warehouses
  • Transparent ratification
  • The ability of EXW
  • Improving the quality and speed of delivery of items
  • Reducing logistics and personnel costs
  • High quality of service and responsibility for the project

But most importantly, you can spend more time developing your business

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