Choose the expected number of orders per month to see the tariffs:


orders per month

Orders processing

20 UAH
for processing one order i

+ 1.5 UAH
For each additional products, if there are more than 1 in the order

+ 1.5 UAH
For each additional kg, if the order weight is more than 10 kg

Acceptance and storage

450 UAH per month
For each m³ storage place

3 UAH/sku i
Acceptance of goods

Additional services
(if necessary)

0.5 UAH/pcs
Product labeling

0.5 UAH
for a sms sending i

50 %
of the order processing fee

for return processing i

receipt generation and printing

150 UAH
courier shipping in Kyiv

* The cost of processing an order includes order completion, standard packaging (courier package, bubble wrap), sending an order.

  Sales and personal offers

When transferring goods to the Sender Fulfillment warehouse at the beginning of work, acceptance of the first delivery of the goods is free of charge!

First month of storage is free to test our service

The picking and packing of the first 20 orders is free!

Popular questions and answers about tariffs and payment

Payment for order processing is charged after sending each order from your balance in your account.
You can replenish the balance in your personal account online.
If shipments occur on our behalf and we receive money for the sale of goods from your customers, this money will be credited to your balance and payment for services will be charged to them.

Yes of course! If we make shipments on our behalf, we can receive cash on delivery from your customers. They are credited to your balance in your account and you can withdraw them to the bank card at any time. The commission for withdrawing funds from the balance sheet is 2%.

You can use our services for any number of orders. Even without orders at all! (In case you only need to store your goods).

We will pay for the delivery of goods to postal operators, if necessary. This money will be removed from the balance of your personal account.

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